To Prevent Aluminum Scaffolding Accidents, 10 Things Must Be Paid Attention To

- Dec 05, 2018-

Aluminum scaffold is a very important building material tool during the construction process. It will directly affect the safety of construction personnel. Therefore, when using the aluminum scaffold, there are 10 things must be paid attention to.

1. Material quality

Material selection should be in strict accordance with the regulations, quality and specifications. In this regard, it is suggested that when purchasing scaffolding, large and well-known manufacturers should be selected to ensure better quality and safety.

2. Dimension

It must be set up according to the specified spacing size.

3. Plank

The rack board must be fully laid without extra space, probe board and down springboard. Regular removal of debris on the board should be done as well.

4. Fence

The outer side of scaffolding and both sides of ramp must be equipped with 1.2m high railings or vertical safety net.

5. connections

Scissor braces and supports must be provided following regulations. They must be firmly connected with each part.

6. Bearing capacity

Aluminum scaffolds are loaded evenly. Structural frame should be controlled at 270kg/m2, decoration frame should be controlled at 200kg/m2 and other shelves must be calculated and tested to determine the load-bearing load, standard frame determines load strictly according to regulations.

7. Up and down

Roads or stairs must be set up for workers to go up and down. It is strictly forbidden for builders to climb up and down from the shelves to avoid accidents.

8. Thunder and lightning

Where aluminum scaffolding and transmission lines exist, it must maintain a certain safety distance or set up isolation protection measures. Generally, the wires should not be tied directly on the shelves. When wires are tied, they should be separated by wooden pads. Where the aluminum scaffolds are tied higher than the surrounding lightning protection facilities, plans should be made and lightning protection systems should be re-installed.

9. Cantilever beam

The suspension basket shall be strictly set up according to the plan in addition to processing as prescribed

10. Inspection

After shelves have been built, they must be checked and accepted by technical and safety departments, then can be put into use after reaching the standard. It should be checked regularly in use and problems should be solved in time.

To prevent aluminum scaffolding accidents, 10 things must be paid attention-synergy scaffold-2