The Mechanical Drawing Training

- Aug 16, 2018-

In order to meet the requirements of the rapid development of the company in recent years and cultivate talents for map drawing, our company cooperated with Jiangdu District Vocational Education Group in Yangzhou City.It took one-and-a-half day to finish the mechanical drawing training.

Before the training, the Ministry of Personnel has comprehensively arranged various preparatory work, and informed the training time, location and specific requirements in detail. On August 11th, the training class was officially started. The instructor scientifically formulated the teaching plan and teaching progress according to the actual situation of our company, so that the training personnel started from the basic theory and laid a solid foundation for practical operation. In the afternoon, the teacher led the students to practice training and carefully taught the usage of the AUTO CAD software. On the morning of August 12th, the course was over, the teacher organized a rigorous theoretical test, and all the participants successfully completed the training with qualified scores.

This training has improved the ability of map drawing, and made a certain contribution to improving the efficiency of our staff and promoting the overall development of individuals. Learning can make people progress, working can make people confident, I believe we can make the company more perfect in continuous learning and working!

The mechanical drawing training-alscaffold-2018.8.15.jpg