The Key Factors Related To The Safety Of Aluminum Scaffold- SPIGOT

- Nov 14, 2018-

Aluminum scaffolds is an aerial work production. Therefore, safety is the first worrying point for users. Moreover, what is the key factor related to the safety of aluminum scaffold?

There are many safety factors related to aluminum scaffold, such as the properties of raw materials, Strength and hardness, toughness, the design of the frame, connecting parts, the construction method, if the stress balanced, if the stress reasonable and so on. This paper will mainly introduce the key elements of aluminum scaffold itself.

The key part of aluminum scaffold is the spigot manufacturing method, which connects the joint between the frame and the frame.

As we know, the aluminum scaffold is superimposed layer by layer, and the most critical position is the spigot, which have to ensure the whole framework is strong.

How should we design a spigot? First, the length: The EU EN1004 standard stipulates the length of the straight-through, which includes the length of inside and outside of the inserted tube. The total length cannot less than 150 mm. 

Secondly, it is the bearing capacity of spigot.

The more we stack up the layers, the more gravity will be downward to the under parts. Therefore, the design of spigot means a lot. However, there are many factories in this industry regardless of safety. Some designs are directly stress the force in the aluminum tubes. Obviously, there is obviously a great security potential risk .

Only fixing screws on connection parts will carry many problems. In this way, connections are easy to fall off. The aluminum scaffold will shake if it is built high. Once this connection parts fall off, the connection between frames will be out of work and the scaffold will collapse. The experience of Synergy is: welding is used to weld spigot parts to the aluminum tubes to ensure it will not loose and fall off.

The key factors related to the safety of aluminum scaffold- SPIGOT-SYNERGY SCAFFOLD-02