The Development Of Aluminum Industry In China Began To Mature Gradually

The Development Of Aluminum Industry In China Began To Mature Gradually

Aug 30, 2017

With the continuous advancement of China's industrialization process, the proportion of consumption of industrial aluminum profiles will certainly show a rising trend. At present, the aluminum alloy profile industry in China has already crossed the primary stage of development characterized by quantity growth, and gradually entered a new stage in order to improve product intrinsic quality, enrich product variety and rely on comprehensive strength to participate in market competition.

First of all, because the aluminum alloy profile industry is relatively small in comparison with other industry products, the cost competition is still the key factor in the market competition in the future.

Second, the large-scale expansion of manufacturers and the trend of vertical integration of industries in the obvious acceleration, a few fast-growing high-quality enterprises will increasingly become the dominant force in the future market competition.

Thirdly, the comprehensive competitive ability of enterprises based on scale, technology, brand, management and service is becoming more and more important, and the economically developed areas will continue to maintain a larger and active consumption demand for aluminum profiles, which is advantageous to the further development and expansion of the advantageous enterprises in these areas.

Finally, the domestic enterprises to enter the international market will be further accelerated, especially the coastal areas have a better international market development base of large enterprises, the export volume is expected to maintain a relatively rapid growth.

At present, our country is in the middle stage of industrialization, so the main consumption area of aluminum profile is construction industry, and the consumption proportion of aluminum profile is far lower than that of developed countries.

In recent years, with the government departments to rectify and standardize the market order strength and market competition, the survival of the fittest mechanism of the further play, China's aluminum alloy profile industry in the rapid growth of the same time, the internal structure has also changed significantly, the industry began to mature gradually. Earlier, according to the industry's preliminary statistics, a large number of small-scale aluminum processing plants in China because of its aluminum alloy profile products low technical level, poor quality and gradually eliminated.

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