Square Tube Trusses Are Widely Used In What Respects

- Aug 30, 2017-

Square Pipe Truss has a very wide range of applications now, so when it is used, what are the practical aspects? The first is in some of the roof top of its use of the most extensive, we also know that for many houses, especially some simple houses, it has its own in the roof truss requirements.

And at this time, also can use this kind of square tube truss, again have some bridge above, also can use it, this product oneself not only can be used as simple bracket, and because of oneself have strong load-bearing ability, so it can not use to some long-term environment.

Then there's the wire tower or the satellite launch tower, and so on. For this use, one is it to have a certain height, and it is in use, and also to achieve the lowest cost, and this product is the advantage of it, so it is in and the industry has reached a very wide range of applications.