Scaffolding System – The Best Tool For Construction

- Nov 15, 2017-

Scaffold System is a tubular steel composition that acts like a platform to support material and people in the construction and repair of buildings. It is basically a temporary support structure that is stiff and upright on a level base plate and assures an easy completion of construction related work. In building construction, it is very important to ensure the basic safety of the labor. Scaffolding System enables the labor to walk easily while working by providing a solid and hard platform. Scaffolding is commonly made out of materials like metal tubes or pipes, boards and couplers.

Scaffolding Aluminum or steel tubes used in Scaffolding are available in variety of lengths and 48.3 mm in diameter. These tubes are resistant to force and have a great flexibility. Scaffolding Boards are generally seasoned wood and provide the workers a safe surface for working. The different tubes of the scaffolding are held together by fittings which are called couplers. These Systems are 3 types of couplers available namely putlog couplers, right-angle couplers and swivel couplers which have a load bearing nature. Scaffold fittings are really crucial to the construction process of a building.

Kwikstage Modular Scaffold System consists of some key elements. One of them is Standards which are tubes placed vertically, resting on a square base plate and transfer the entire mass of the structure to the ground. Other element is Ledgers which are tubes placed horizontally, connected between the standards. Transoms are another key element of scaffolding that provides support for the boards by holding the standards in place. The spacing of the transoms is decided by the thickness of the boards supported. The width of the boards determines the width of scaffolding. A scaffold follows a fairly standard spacing of the key elements.