Safety Problems Needing Attention In The Construction Of Aluminum Alloy Truss

- Aug 30, 2017-

Aluminum alloy truss because of the appearance of exquisite, lightweight, easy to build, high hardness, affordable, more and more widely used in various major performances, celebrations, weddings and other activities.

With the wide use of the various consequences are also more and more presented: such as the performance of the scene truss collapse and so on similar reports are common.

If you avoid the safety problems in the aluminum alloy truss construction?

Aluminum alloy truss commonly used specifications are:

Small display frame, light background frame, advertising frame, inkjet rack:


Small Medium Stage Light frame: 300mm*300mm/350mm*350mm/400mm*400mm/450mm*450mm/400mm*600mm/500mm*500mm/500mm*600mm

Large Stage Lighting Frame:


Different specifications of the aluminum alloy truss, its span and under the specific span of bearing each difference. Many builders ignore the advice of manufacturers, and rashly increase the load and span of the truss, so that a tragedy occurred.

Therefore, aluminum alloy truss most need to pay attention to is in accordance with reasonable span and load-bearing use!