Poised To Take Off, Glory 2019 ----2019.1.21 The Annual Meeting Of Synergy Scaffold

- Jan 22, 2019-

On last Saturday January 21, the annual meeting of Synergy was held smoothly at the Jiangdu Chenmaojingjiang Hotel. All staff, families, friends and business partners were gathered happily in the same halls to celebrate together.

Dances, songs, sketch comedy and other programs were shown one by one, which are all wonderful and exciting. Song ‘Flower Protector ’, ‘The first time’ and ‘I can’ are full of energy and passion; the sketch comedy ‘there is a mineral at home’ is full of laughing material; GM Tian's flute solo ‘Weishui Autumn Song’ is melodious and attractive accompany with Splash-ink landscape paintings; Dances "Burning my calories", "lovelorn Front Alliance" ‘Baby Baby " Show a contrast of vitality and loveliness.


The lottery has ignited the passion of everyone. Raffle game, grab bottles and shaking balls out are full of laughter. The gold eggs smashing game, the winners all return fully loaded. In addition, the number of outstanding employees of the year award has become the hard working representative of the whole 2018.


The company's core competitiveness is "WE". The completion of products and our progress cannot depend on one person, but “WE” who are constantly striving for Synergy. In Synergy, as long as “WE” implement the core concept of "Integrity, Communication, and Synergy", life pursuit and ideal will be achieved.

"Easier For Higher". “High” not only represents the outstanding performance of the company, but also represents our unremitting pursuit of the high quality and standards; improvement of the employees’ income level and the progress of the dream in Synergy family. Behind the ordinary scaffold, there are Synergy’s glory and dream!