Is It Necessary To Replace Traditional Scaffolding With Aluminum Disc-buckled Scaffolding (Part 2)

- Dec 28, 2018-

Question 3: If change, will the cost be much higher?

The cost will be higher, but not much. As mentioned earlier, the aluminum disc-buckled scaffolding is efficient, fast, time-saving and labor-saving, which can greatly save time and labor costs. Its safety is higher. It also can reduce the economic losses caused by accidents. In addition, the surface of aluminum disc-buckled scaffolding is all treated with galvanizing and rust-proof treatment, which is more adsorptive than the traditional spray paint. Therefore, the anti-rust effect is better; the service life can be more than 15 years. So, the turnover times are more, and the average cost of each use is lower than the traditional scaffolding.

Question 4: What if the new workers don't know how to build it?

There is absolutely no need to worry about it. First of all, it is easy to build it with only to workers as guidance. Synergy has a professional technical department. Any customer who chooses Synergy aluminum disc-buckled scaffolds can enjoy the design of the scheme free of charge. If necessary, Synergy can send professional technicians to the construction site for personal guidance. Even the first use of the aluminum scaffolds can make the workers comfortable with it. 

Are you still hesitating to replace traditional scaffolding with buckled scaffolding?

In fact, the traditional scaffolding has been used for so many years. We believe you should understand that the traditional scaffolding has many shortcomings and limitations. Such as low safety, complex construction, low construction efficiency, easy to rust and corrosion, impact on the image of the construction site; for other example, the portal scaffolding load-bearing capacity is poor, mostly suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration projects, building height cannot be too high, not suitable for use as a bracket, narrow use; moreover, such as bowl buckle scaffolding, not only expensive, excessive use of steel, and stability and safety are general. 

Therefore, the elimination of traditional scaffolding is inevitable. It is a trend that buckle scaffolding becomes the mainstream. Relevant state departments are also advocating the use of buckle scaffolding. It is a wise choice to comply with the trend earlier.

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