Is It Necessary To Replace Traditional Scaffolding With Aluminum Disc-buckled Scaffolding? (Part 1)

Is It Necessary To Replace Traditional Scaffolding With Aluminum Disc-buckled Scaffolding? (Part 1)

Dec 21, 2018

Current situation:

‘Many construction units are using disc-buckled scaffolding, and the evaluation seems good...’

‘The country is also promoting the use of disc-buckled scaffolding...’

‘However, my project used steel tube fastener scaffolding all the time, has been used to…’


‘Is it necessary to replace steel tube fastener scaffolding with aluminum disc-buckled scaffolding?’

‘Does the aluminum disc-buckled scaffolding really work better? ’

‘If so, will the cost be much higher?’

‘What if the workers don't build it after that?’ 

Next we will reply to you one by one. Please see below:

Question 1: Is it necessary to replace steel tube fastener scaffolding with aluminum disc-buckled scaffolding?

It is necessary, which is just like replacing traditional mobile phones such as flip phones, sliding phones and button function machines with smart phones. Because smart phones are with better use, so updating is a trend. Similarly, aluminum disc-buckled scaffolding is better than steel tube-fastened scaffolding, and it is also a trend.

You can choose not to replace it, but gradually, you will find that people around you are using disc-buckles, traditional scaffolding has fallen behind.

Question 2: Does the aluminum disc-buckled scaffolding really work better?

Yes, its good use is mainly reflected in the following points:

1. Efficient and fast. Traditional steel tube fastener scaffolding can only be erected at a speed of 35m³ per person per day, while aluminum disc-buckled scaffolding can be erected at a speed of 150m³ per person per day. In brief, it takes more than four days to build a 150m³ tower with steel pipe fastener scaffolding, while it takes only one day to build a 150 m³ tower with disc fastener scaffolding, which is more efficient and can speed up construction progress and reduce labor costs. Make up for the low efficiency of traditional scaffolding.

2. Safety. The upright pole of aluminum disc-buckled scaffold is made of high-quality and high-strength aluminum profile, and the other parts such as horizontal pole and cable-stayed pole are also made of high-quality aluminum material. The material is better than traditional scaffold. The design of each joint is more humanized; the connection mode is simpler and stronger. One person can build the scaffold with just one hammer. The quality of Synergy scaffolds is strictly checked, which not only meets the national standards, but also has passed CE, ISO 9001 and series of TUV tests. Its bearing capacity and safety are beyond doubt, which has been well reflected in the previous projects involved.

Is it necessary to replace traditional scaffolding with aluminum disc-buckled scaffolding (Part 1)-2

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