Insulated Fast-fitting Scaffold (part 2)

- Nov 27, 2018-

6. When the platform height exceeds 1.20m, the safety guardrail must be used.

7. Install and lock stiffeners on scaffolding according to instructions to enhance its stability.

8. When building the scaffold, the brakes of the wheels feet must be braked, and the balance must be adjusted properly.

9. The clamp at the connection should be ensured that is totally firm.

10. Climbing ladder, platform board and opening board should be hooked well and be with right closing sound. 

11. When the platform of single-width scaffold exceeds 4m or the platform of double-width scaffold exceeds 6m, the external support plate must be used.

12.  External support should be tightened and not loosened. The bottom should not be suspended. The bottom should be firmly attached to the ground.

13. A transverse support tube is required for every two oblique support tubes.

14. The nuts of the connecting buckle must be tightened, and the vertical tube and the reinforcing tube must be firmly clamped.

15. When the platform height is 15m, the reinforcing tube must be used.

16. When moving, the brakes of the wheels feet should be loosened, the lower end of the external support should be off the ground, and it is strictly forbidden to move when someone is on the scaffold.

17. It is strictly forbidden to use tools with strong impact on them.

18. Scaffolding is strictly forbidden to be used in gale and overload.

19. Scaffolding can only be used on solid ground (flat and hard ground, cement ground) and so on. It is strictly forbidden to use on soft ground.

20. All operators must wear safety helmet and fasten safety belt when building, disassembling and using scaffolding.

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