Insulated Fast-fitting Scaffold (FRP Scaffold) Part 1

- Nov 23, 2018-

Insulating quick-fixing overhaul frame uses the latest production technology at home and abroad and is developed according to the site requirements. The material is made of light-weight and high-strength fiberglass tube. There is no metal structure, however be with the features of corrosion resistance, aging resistance, convenient use, high safety and strong insulation.

It is mainly suitable for the special purpose of transformer substation maintenance operation which below 500KV. It is also an ideal substitute for insulated elevator at present. 

Main features

1. The whole structure is designed by building block combination, which is easy for building and disassembling.

2. Component standard, without any tools, can be disassembled and assembled by hand, simple and convenient;

3. Combination diversity, can adapt to any environment, can be customized according to customer requirements;

4. Light and high strength fiberglass pipes are used, maintenance-free for 15 years.

5. The product conforms to GB17620-1998 "General specification for hard insulated ladders for live working" and has passed the testing by the authoritative department of China, and the reactions is good.

Assembly instructions and precautions

1. Before use, thoroughly check the scaffolding that has been built, ensure that all assembly instructions are followed and the parts of the scaffolding are not damaged.

2. When the scaffold has been leveled and all the wheels and legs are fixed, then the scaffold can be climbed.

3. Do not move or adjust the scaffold when there are people and objects on the platform.

4. It can climb into the platform from the inside of the scaffolding, or from the staircase of the ladder, or through the passageway of the frame, or through the opening of the platform.

5. If a vertical extension device is added to the base part, it must be fixed on the scaffolding with an external support or a widening tool.

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