How To Choose Your Suitable Ladder And Some Notices

- Nov 08, 2018-

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1 Height when use

According to the different heights when you need to use a ladder, you can choose a suitable ladder. For example, aluminum ladder with different steps, aluminum ladder with different lengths, aluminum ladder with handrail and extension ladder.

2 Select performance

According to GB & ANSI/OSHA standard, the loading weight of the ladder is the weight of the user, plus the tools and material.

3 Choose different materials

Metal ladder conducts electricity. Choose FRP ladders where there is electricity.

For long term and domestic using, aluminum ladder can be chosen. 


Preparation before using a ladder

1 Ensure that all rivets, bolts, nuts and moving parts are tightly connected; ladder columns and steps are firm; the stretch springs and hinges are in good working condition.

2. Ladder should be kept clean without oil pollution, wet paint, mud, snow and other slippery substances.

3. Keep operators' shoes clean and do not wear leather shoes.

What should be paid attention to when using?

1.Feel tired, medication period, after drinking or lacking force, do not use of ladder.

2.Ladders should be placed on solid and flat ground. It is not allowed to set on ice, snow or slippery surfaces without anti-skid and fixtures.

3.Over maximum weight load is prohibited during operation.

Do not use ladders in strong winds.

5.Aluminum ladder is conductive, should avoid proximity to special place.

6.When climbing, face the ladder, hold on with two hands and keep the center of gravity in the middle of the ladder.

7.Do not stand on the ladder within 1 meter from the top of the ladder while working. Always keep the safety protection height of 1 meter.

8.Do not exceed the top of your head in order to prevent the body from losing balance.

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