For Safety-Possible Problems And Ways To Avoid In Using Aluminum/FRP Scaffold

- Nov 06, 2018-

More than half of the scaffold accidents in building are falls, and some have even resulted in fatalities. The statistics data only emphasizes further the value of safely use of scaffold. Here are several potential risk factors to watch out for when using aluminum/FRP scaffolding:

Falls from elevation

This is the most common risk of scaffolding to prevent falling from high altitude, the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) requires that proper fall protection be placed on all scaffolds suspended over 10 feet above ground. Personal fall arrest systems or guardrail systems must be paid attention at all times

Hit by falling tools or debris
More often than not, scaffolding related injuries involve falling debris hits. That is why the guardrail is an important part of the scaffold construction, not only to protect users from falling, but also to prevent any material from falling off the scaffold and hitting the people below.

Bad planking

Another risk for scaffolding related accidents is there is no safe planking. When planks are not firm enough, they may slip and cause the user to fall. If the boards are overloaded or in poor condition, the boards also have tendency to fracture, why it is necessary to use appropriate grades of wood and planks need be inspected thoroughly. Another problem related to planks is insufficient or excessive overhanging. When a user stands on an overhanging position, it may tip up and cause falls.

Get an electric shock

Electricity is a major risk when using scaffolding since wires are usually elevated making the users prone to contact with these lines. Safety standards require scaffolds and workers to maintain safety clearance from power lines. The ideal gap is 10 feet, if the voltage is less than 50 KV (kilovolts), more than 10 feet and 4 inches per kilovolt over 50 KV. Synergy also produces professional FRP scaffold tower for specific working place avoiding the risk of electric shock.

Paying attention to these basic hazards will greatly reduce accidents in the workplace and even save lives. Synergy will provide you with high quality aluminum scaffolding products, which is due to our responsibility and concern for your safety.