Differentiation Of Aluminum Alloy Ladder To Create Industry Leader

Differentiation Of Aluminum Alloy Ladder To Create Industry Leader

Aug 30, 2017

Product differentiation is the key to the enterprise winning. Today, aluminum alloy ladder enterprises are facing a key problem is the patented product independent research and development innovation and lack of, who can limited to grasp the strength of product upgrades, then, who can lead the industry. An enterprise without product research and development is always the follower of the market, difficult to have big performance. Many people in the industry bluntly: "At present, the aluminum alloy ladder industry is not the most lack of money, but the design ability and quality assurance, why should add quality assurance, because a lot of peers will inevitably encounter price war." ”

The deficiency of original ability is the biggest obstacle of Chinese manufacturing industry, and gradually becomes the bottleneck of enterprise development of aluminum alloy ladder. Industry insiders said that in the aluminum alloy ladder, once a company has a reputation, its products will soon be imitated by other peers, plagiarism. Contempt for intellectual property has made the development of aluminum alloy ladder industry blocked, effective industry norms must be strong and strong.

In foreign well-known daily necessities, building materials hardware brands are generally more focus on product characteristics and design innovation, quality in China is "import" expressed good! , if the enterprise has its own team designer, not only can continue to innovate, but also to maintain a unique brand style; some domestic aluminum alloy ladder brands are often followed by international brands or market popular styles, imitation, plagiarism, it is difficult to form their own brand style.

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