Construction Specifications Of Tubular Scaffolds (part 3)

- Dec 17, 2018-

14. The spacing of small transverse poles should not be greater than 1.5m. When set in a single row, one end of the small transverse pole in the wall is not less than 240 mm, the other end is on the large transverse pole, extending at least 100 mm; when set in a double row, the distance between the end of the small transverse pole and the wall is 50-100 mm. The small transverse pole is connected with the large transverse pole by right angle zero fasteners. The small transverse pole should be lengthened every three steps, and pay attention to the tie with the wall. 

15. The angle between the longitudinally supported cable-stayed pole and the ground should be in the range of 45°~60°. The construction of the diagonal pole is to fasten it on the vertical pole with rotary zero fasteners, and the other one fastened on the extension part of the small transverse pole. In this way, it can avoid bending the tube of the shelf when the two diagonal pull poles intersect. The connection joint between the zero fasteners and the scaffold to the diagonal pole should not be greater than 200 mm (i.e. the intersection of the vertical pole and the transverse pole). In addition to tightening at both ends, 2 to 4 additional buckling joints are needed in the middle. In order to ensure the stability of scaffolding, the lower connecting point of the diagonal pole should not be more than 500 mm from the ground. The length of the diagonal pole should be connected by butt-joint zero fasteners. When lap-joint is adopted, the lap-joint length cannot less than 400 mm and fastened with two rotary zero fasteners.

Synergy Scaffold reminds you to set up striking safety signs and signal flags (lights) on the outside and top of the scaffolding according to the specific environment of the site. It is in order to prevent the passing vehicles and cranes from colliding with the scaffolding in operation. When using the soft ladders to construct in the two equipments, it is necessary to prepare anti-fall measure, and special guardianship should be provided as well.

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