Construction Specifications Of Tubular Scaffolds (part 2)

- Dec 15, 2018-

7. Special scaffolding and tall scaffolding with height over 20m must be with design scheme. 

8. The internal and external load-bearing scaffolding for structures shall not exceed 2646N/M2, which also shall not exceed 1960N/M2 for decoration.

9. The horizontal and vertical distance between the outer edge and the side line of the overhead line should not be less than 3m under construction (including scaffolding). 

10. Before all kinds of scaffolds are put into use, it is necessary for the construction manager in charge to organize the safety personnel to carry out the inspection together, perform the handover and acceptance procedures. Before erecting and disassembling a special scaffold such as aluminum scaffold, the technical department should prepare a safe construction plan and submit it to the technical leader for approval.

11. In the scaffolding construction of tubular fittings, attention should be paid to the smooth and solid foundation, the base and cushion plate should be set up. Some reliable drainage measures should also be taken to prevent the foundation from being immersed in water. 

12. Longitudinal spacing between the vertical poles should between 1.2-1.4 m away from the wall when it is set in a single row. It should be 0.4-0.5 m away from the wall when it is set in a double row, and spacing between the inner and outer vertical poles is about 1.5 m. The adjacent vertical pole joints should be staggered. When butting, they should be connected by butt-joint zero fasteners. They can also be connected by shelf-pipe sleeves with length of 400 mm, outer diameter equal to the inner diameter of the vertical pole and intermediate welded flange. The vertical deviation of the vertical pole should not be greater than 1/200 of the frame height. 

13. The distance between two adjacent large transverse poles is around 1.8m. The connecting position between large transverse poles should be staggered and connected with butt-joint zero fasteners. If lap connection is adopted, the lap length should not be less than 1m, and fastened with three rotary zero fasteners. The vertical horizontal height difference should not be greater than 50 mm when the right angle zero fastener is used to connect the vertical fastener.

Construction specifications of tubular scaffolds-SYNERGY SCAFFOLD-02