Construction Specifications Of Tubular Scaffolds (part 1)

- Dec 12, 2018-

1. Tubular scaffolds should be 48-51 mm in outer diameter and 3-3.5 mm in tube thickness without serious corrosion, bending, flattening or cracking. Specifications recommend 48*3.5 mm. There are also the specifications of 48.3*3.6mm, 48.3*3.2mm and so on. 

2. Qualified steel fasteners should be used for connecting the rods of the scaffolding. Moreover, lead wire and other materials should not be used for binding. 

3. For external scaffolds, the spacing between vertical poles should not be greater than 1.8m for shelf pipes, 1.8m for large transverse poles and 1.5m for small transverse poles.

4. The scaffolding must be firmly connected with the structure according to the floor level. The vertical distance of the pull joint should not exceed 4m and the horizontal distance should not exceed 6m. The strength of the material used for bonding should not be lower than that of the double 8# lead wire. Flexible materials shall not be used to tie tall scaffolds. A reliable supporting roof can be provided at the tie joint.

5. Aluminum scaffold operation surface must be covered with scaffold board, which should be no more than 200 mm away from the wall, no gap, probe board and flying springboard. The lower layer of scaffold should be equipped with horizontal safety net. Two guard railings and a toe board or a guard railing should be installed on the outside of the operation surface. Safety nets should be erected and the lower mouth should be sealed. The protection height should be 1m.

6. Scaffolds must be ensured that the overall structure is not deformed. Scissor braces must be installed in the vertical direction of scaffolds when the height is more than 20 meters. The width of the scaffolds should not exceed 7 poles and the angle between the scaffolds and the horizontal plane should be 45-60 degrees as well. If the height is below 20 meters, the positive and negative support must be set.

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