Common Sense Of The Use Of Aluminum Scaffolding

Common Sense Of The Use Of Aluminum Scaffolding

Aug 30, 2017

1. To ensure that all rivets, bolts and nuts and moving parts are connected tightly, ladder column and ladder step firmly reliable, stretching card spring, hinge working in good condition

2. Ladders to keep clean, no grease, oil, wet paint, mud, snow and other slippery substances

3. Operator's shoes are kept clean and no leather soles are allowed

A. Physical fatigue, use of drugs, alcohol or physical disorders, the prohibition of ladders

B. Ladders shall be placed on a solid and stationary ground, prohibiting ice, snow, or slippery surfaces without non-slip and stationary equipment.

C. Prohibition of the prohibition of maximum load-bearing quality in operation

4. Prohibit the use of ladders in strong winds

5. Metal ladder conduction, avoid near the live place

6. Climb the ladder for the people, hold hands, the body center of gravity in the center of the two column

7. Do not stand at the top of the ladder 1 meters from the ladder, always keep the protection of the height of 1 meters, not to climb over the top of the highest support point

8. Do not exceed the top of your head in order to avoid loss of balance and risk

9. Prohibit from one side of ladder directly across to the other side

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