Code And Procedure For Erection Of Clamped Scaffold

- May 25, 2018-

Button scaffolding set-up fast, firm connection, because of its structure is stable, safe and reliable, etc, on the market once the promotion has got a wide range of use and received a flood of high praise. Topography, geology and engineering styles vary from place to place. How do you do the construction and procedure of the button-type scaffolding?


The construction process should be carried out in an orderly manner in strict accordance with the specific operating procedures: the site should be smooth and compacted; Test of foundation bearing capacity and material allocation; Positioning and setting of general pad and base; Establishment of vertical bar; Installation of vertical and horizontal sweeping rods; Vertical and horizontal bar setting; Installing unloading wire rope; Vertical rod; Vertical and horizontal bar; External oblique pole/scissors support; Even the wall; Foot planking; Put up guard rail, guard net.


Before the construction:

1. Be familiar with the characteristics of the clamping scaffold, including the specific use methods of accessories: lock pin, connecting head, sleeve, disc, etc.

2. According to the height of construction object condition, foundation bearing capacity, build-up, according to the basic requirement of discipline establishment special construction plan, and should be approved by the audit after implementation, and to build knowledge training of key personnel.

3. The quality of steel tube frame and fittings entering the construction site shall be re-inspected before use.


The construction of:

1. The height of the template support should not exceed 24m; When exceeding 24m, a special design shall be made.

2. Specification for the setting of adjustable base: the length of the adjustable base shall not be greater than 300mm, and the height of the horizontal bar at the bottom of the floor shall not be greater than 550mm.

3. Adjustable bracket: out of the top horizontal bar or dual channel steel cantilever beam it is forbidden to more than 650 mm in length, and screw exposed it is forbidden to more than 400 mm in length, the adjustable bracket insert stud or dual channel steel beam length should not be less than 150 mm.

4. Setting requirements of inclined bar and scissors support:

Step when the erection height is not more than 8 m, distance is not more than 1.5 m, that stand for support frame body outside the first vertical diagonal cross should be set for each layer, the frame body whole bottom and the top vertical diagonal should be set up, and should be in the inner regions of the frame body every 5 across from bottom to top set longitudinal and transverse vertical diagonal or use fastener steel pipe bracing of the erection.

When the erection height more than 8 m, vertical diagonal should be spread across Settings, horizontal bar interval shall not be greater than 1. 5 m, the height of every 4 ~ 6 standard interval should be set level layer of diagonal or fastener steel pipe bracing.


After the construction:

Construction personnel must wear safety helmet, fasten the safety belt, wear anti-skid shoes, safety protection must be improved.

Technicians to regularly check the scaffold lock pin insertion, in case accessories of unstable connection and locking pin tripping caused by scaffolding collapse accident, safety degree of damaged fence, steel springboard articulated eliminate safe hidden trouble.