Characteristics Of Insulating Ladder And Matters Needing Attention In Its Use (part 2)

Characteristics Of Insulating Ladder And Matters Needing Attention In Its Use (part 2)

Jan 21, 2019

5. It is forbidden to use ladders for dizziness, giddiness, drunkenness or physical discomfort.

6. When working around doors and windows, the doors and windows must be fixed first to keep the door or window from hitting the ladder.

7. Use ladders in gale conditions should be with extra care or try not to use them.

8. Make sure the suitable height of ladder to be correct. Never add or place anything on or off the ladder to increase the height.

9. In the absence of the manufacturer's permission, ladders should never be attached to other structures and damaged ladders should never be used or repaired.

10. When a ladder is lifted or lowered, it is strictly forbidden to hold the cross-brace by hand to prevent cutting fingers.

When used:

1. It is forbidden to exceed the ladder's workload.

2. The foot of ladder has anti-skid effect. However, people still need to hold the ladder directly with their hands to remind the protection (while preventing the ladder from tilting sideways) and step on the bottom foot of the ladder with their feet in order to prevent the bottom foot from moving.

3. Flat-soled shoes must be worn when climbing ladders in order to avoid slipping accidents.

4. When climbing a ladder, always keep your body in the middle of the cross brace of the ladder, keep your body upright and can't reach out. Otherwise, an accident may happen because of losing your balance.

5. When there are people on the ladder, it is strictly forbidden to move.

6. Only one person is allowed to climb the ladder or on it.

After use:

When the work is finished, please wipe the ladder clean and keep it in a dry place.

Characteristics of insulating ladder and matters needing attention in its use2