Aluminum Scaffolding Is Becoming More And More Popular In Construction Site

- Jan 09, 2019-

Most scaffolding in the market nowadays is mainly made of iron and steel, while the scaffolding of this type of material is very heavy to use. The overall design is simple and the safety performance is low, which leads to frequent accidents such as scaffolding collapse accident in the market. The construction efficiency is very low. It takes several days or even more to build, and the labor cost is very high.

In some developed areas, a kind of scaffolding made of aluminum has been springing up and widely used in construction site. Because of its high connection strength and scientific design of supporting mechanism, the whole structure is safe and stable. The whole scaffold is made of light and strong aluminum alloy. Aluminum scaffolding is much lighter than traditional scaffolding, so it is very convenient to use.

At present, aluminum scaffolding has high use efficiency, which is reflected in its movable type. It is very convenient to build and disassemble. It can be built without any tools. The traditional scaffolding need wrenches and other tools on the screw To build a scaffolding for construction needs several days or even more days. It takes 15 minutes to build the aluminum scaffolding of 12 meters. It greatly improves the efficiency of construction and reduces labor and time costs for construction. At present, it is more and more popular to choose aluminum scaffolding in construction site.

Construction site requires ceiling lifting, painting walls, installation of firefighting equipment, installation of lamps, decorative spray painting, installation of mechanical and electrical, etc. Aluminum scaffolding is the best choice tool at present.

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