Aluminum Scaffold VS Traditional Steel Scaffold

- Nov 12, 2018-

Disadvantages of steel scaffold:

1. The structure is simple. After setting up, the amplitude of shaking is rather large.

2. The material is steel pipe. It is cumbersome for construction and demolition;

3. It is not strictly accordance with the international construction regulations. There is no guardrail usually.

4. Separate independent bolts are used in the connection of the frame, which will cause the connection unstable and leads to a greater safety risk.

5. Leave empty in the middle of the portal frame. Under the action of shear force from both left and right of scaffolding, the scaffolding is unstable and the shaking is large.

6. Steel scaffolding material will rust when it meets oxygen or complex environment, so the service life is relatively shorter than aluminum scaffold. It usually needs to be replaced in a few years.

Advantages of steel scaffold:

1.The cost of steel is lower than aluminum.

2. Simple manufacturing- ordinary iron welding is easily and labor cost is not high.

Disadvantages of aluminum scaffold:

1.The price is relatively high.

Advantages of aluminum scaffold:

1, Scientific structural, solid and stable and lightweight are the benefits of aluminum scaffold.

2. The bolt is welded firmly. In tee junction parts, horizontal and vertical tubes are strengthened.

3. The horizontal and vertical structures are tightly aligned, leaving no gap; Reinforced with triangular supports, the upper and lower forces of the frame are strengthened, and the whole structure is reliable and safe.

4, Comply with international safety standards. A guardrail is installed as a protective measure.

5. Long service life – generally aluminum scaffold can be used for more than ten years without additional maintenance.

6. Synergy as a regular manufacturer also provides strict and detailed safety operation guidance to make sure the scaffolding much safer.

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