Aluminum CNC Machining You Must Seriously Consider Changing The Position Of The Knife In Case Of Collision

Aluminum CNC Machining You Must Seriously Consider Changing The Position Of The Knife In Case Of Collision

Dec 02, 2017

As an advanced processing method, Aluminum CNC Machining is widely used in the manufacturing of high precision and complex parts of aviation industry, shipbuilding industry and electronic industry. In Aluminum CNC Machining, from the parts drawings to the processing of qualified parts, is a ring set a complex and rigorous process. At each stage of a problem, the process will be interrupted. The following combination of concrete processing examples in 3 stages, the Aluminum CNC Machining process of some key factors to analyze, so that we can deepen understanding of CAluminum CNC Machining, processing and production help.

The general use of CNC machine tools, most of the processing capacity is not available. The Aluminum CNC Machining process is similar to the ordinary machine tool. However, because of the NC Machine tool processing process of every detail must be predetermined, processing automatic completion. Therefore, compared with the process preparation of ordinary machine tools, it has its own characteristics.

When machining parts of common machine tools, the position relationship between tool and workpiece is established by the combination of measuring and handwheel, if the tool position is not correct, it can be adjusted by the operator at any time. and NC processing, one clamping, there are many tools involved in the processing, in order to establish the various types of knives and other parameters input into the computer, the computer through the coordinate transformation, so that each tool and the workpiece to establish a corresponding relationship. For ordinary machining, the problem of knife is not considered as an important factor. For CAluminum CNC Machining, as long as the use of program processing, it must be on the knife, otherwise there will be serious consequences. Ordinary processing is often through the operation of the sense of control, and NC processing must seriously consider the change of position, in order to avoid collisions.

CAluminum CNC Machining equipment is a technology-intensive and knowledge-intensive integration of mechanical and electrical products, its advanced technology, high degree of intelligence, control system to integrated circuit, the structure is more complex, so the NC processing equipment in the long run process of the fault more complex, maintenance difficult. The fault diagnosis and maintenance of Aluminum CNC Machining equipment is an important part of its use, and also one of the factors restricting its function.

CAluminum CNC Machining equipment is mainly composed of input/output device, numerical control device, servo drive device, electrical logic Control device of machine tool and position detecting device. Working principle: In processing, the dimension and process data of the workpiece to be processed are programmed into Aluminum CNC Machining program according to the code and format of the system, the input/output device is transmitted to the numerical control device, the processing information and the processing instruction are formed after data processing, and the output to the electrical logic control device and servo drive device of the machine , so as to control the transmission device of the machine tool and finish the cutting and machining process of the workpiece. In this process, in addition to receiving the instruction of the NC device, the servo drive device interacts with the electrical logic control device of the machine tool to make the workpiece cutting and machining accuracy higher. In the process of Aluminum CNC Machining, the data detection and monitoring are carried out by the position detecting device, and the data and monitoring results are fed back to the NC device in real time, so that the data can be calculated and controlled accurately in the numerical control device, thus forming an effective semi closed loop control of the NC equipment.

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