What Are The Advantages Of Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Tower In Construction?

What Are The Advantages Of Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Tower In Construction?

Oct 28, 2020

What are the advantages of aluminium mobile scaffold tower in construction?

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Scaffolding provides a temporary platform for construction workers to work on and is most commonly used for building repair or cleaning, lighting maintenance and other inaccessible equipment.

Scaffolding is usually made of steel or aluminium, but for those engaged in the construction industry, using aluminium mobile scaffold has many advantages, even if their cost is higher than steel scaffolding. Compared with steel scaffolding, aluminium scaffolding has five advantages.


1. Aluminium Mobile Scaffold is a Lightweight

The weight is much lighter. In fact, aluminium mobile scaffold weighs less than half of steel scaffolding.

Due to its lightweight, the aluminium mobile scaffold is not only easier to transport from one location to another, but also easier to build and disassemble at the construction site.

2. Less Labor Required for Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Erection

When using an aluminium mobile scaffold, usually less labour is required. Not only does it require less manpower, but it may also not require cranes. When using an aluminium mobile scaffold, it can minimize the risk of injuries and construction accidents during work.

When the aluminium mobile scaffold is used instead of steel scaffolding, it only needs two people to build and disassemble compared to the four people required for steel. Similarly, the aluminium mobile scaffold can be transported by smaller trucks.

3. Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Can Erect More Quickly

Aluminium mobile scaffold is easier to install than steel scaffolding, and the construction speed is faster. The aluminium scaffolding is equipped with high-strength casters to make installation quick and easy. The frame structure design usually does not require any installation tools.

Because they are easy to assemble and disassemble, construction workers can move from one job site to another with minimal downtime.

4. Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Has a Variety of Uses

No matter what kind of scaffolding you need, the aluminium mobile scaffold has many uses. Here are just a few of them:

a. Single Width and Double Width Scaffold-a mobile aluminium tower that can be erected without any tools

b. Stairway Scaffolding-easy access to the top platform when climbing safely

c. Folding Scaffold-the bottom frame can be folded

In addition to these types of scaffolding, custom scaffolding can also be made of aluminium alloy.

5. Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Lasts Longer

If the aluminium scaffold is scratched, it will form an oxide layer that helps protect the inner core. This natural aluminium oxide layer prevents the metal underneath from being exposed to air and oxygen. Comparing when scraping steel scaffolding, the scaffolding may rust and eventually weaken the structure of the scaffolding.

Even after the aluminium mobile scaffold is used over and over and exposed to various elements, it will not chip or rust. Aluminium is also known for its resistance to dents and more elasticity, which not only makes it strong and durable but also allows it to last longer.