What are the elements of high quality and safe aluminum alloy scaffold?

- Aug 30, 2017-

Professional engaged in the production of aluminum alloy scaffold, sales of the British Secretary of the director pointed out: "Mobile aluminum alloy scaffold At present, there is no standard specification for implementation, the industry currently has a lot of capacity without qualified vendors shoddy, copycat imitation phenomenon." These inferior aluminum alloy scaffold not only does not conform to the industry standard, moreover in the material selection, the craft and so on aspect, all falls far behind conforms to the European Union EN1004 standard safe aluminum alloy scaffold. But why is there a market? Low selling price is the main reason, if the purchaser to price as the first standard, then the accident hidden trouble is always the same. ”

In addition, the industry experts believe that the customer for the aluminum alloy scaffold such new products do not understand, but also lead to purchase or use of inferior products of the main reasons. In its view, the quality and safety of the aluminum alloy scaffold needs to include the following elements:

One: the stability and durability of production process guarantee

Industry insiders pointed out: today, we often can see the aluminum alloy scaffold, most of the use of welding manufacturing. However, when the aluminum alloy material is used in the hot-working welding technology, will produce internal stress, easy to destroy the inner structure of aluminum materials, reduce the original strength and durability of the material, which requires the welding process in the production must have strict quality control, otherwise it is easy to form a virtual welding, the latter has very big stress of the situation, Causes the product to be in a certain height after the erection due to the shaking and causes the rapid damage. Therefore, the common aluminum alloy products such as aluminum alloy doors and windows, ladders and so on are the use of non welding riveting method. However, the SPAN400 model of aluminum alloy scaffold with the company's brand has adopted a different process. The use of the cold processing method of the aluminum alloy scaffold, in terms of strength, stability and durability, etc., to be much better than the ordinary welding process structure.