What are the advantages of using the Chinese pipe truss in stage construction?

- Aug 30, 2017-

Different people have different character characteristics, different products also have different performance characteristics. The most common truss products used in the construction stage are the square tube truss and the round pipe truss, although all are used to build the stage, the use and scope of application of the two are still many different, and the application in different areas of the time also each show different advantages.

Every good product must start from the choice of raw materials to adhere to the best selection, coupled with good technological conditions and good production level and serious production attitude of the final finished product basically can achieve excellent quality. The stage of the truss products for security requirements are very high so qualified products no matter what kind of trusses are quality products, this is all qualified truss products should have the advantage.

The square tube truss is a truss product with outstanding performance in endurance, and the construction span of this evidence is also relatively large, and the cost-saving of the connection is a very economical truss product. These features also form an advantage in the comparison of truss products.

First, square tubular truss products meet many requirements for cost-saving users, is truly affordable products. and to achieve the cost-saving while guaranteeing quality, very satisfied. Second, this truss products have the advantage of installation, easy to install and easy to disassemble, can effectively save the time and cost of construction, of course, the effect of the stage is not inferior to other product types. Third, the stability of trusses in a truss products also outstanding, is the most solid type, so many outdoor-built stage will choose the square tube design truss shape.