Truss fittings play an important role in the quality of trusses

- Aug 30, 2017-

The light said that the truss might not be very well understood, if we say that some buildings erected on the site, as long as the use of the rod and hinge-connected, it can be said that it is a new type of building materials, easy to use, disassembly is very convenient, the most important thing is to reduce their own weight, but also can enhance the stiffness, But all this can not be separated from the truss fittings, if only the truss and different accessories, it is like a person only bones without ligaments.

What exactly is the truss fittings? What role does it play in the installation process? For this, let me introduce you to Xiao Bian.

When we see a truss, we find that in addition to the one-way straight rod, many joints have some small accessories, some like nuts, some six-corner joints and so on, in short according to the shape of the truss, what kind of accessories have, you can say that if the installation, without it, will not install successfully. So what does it do?

First, the role of the connection, which is obvious, if no accessories, truss is not up.

Second, enhance the role of support, good accessories for the safety of the truss can play a great role, enhance its robustness, enhance its security, enhance stability, all of this is extremely important.

Third, the enormous saving material, for the construction, reduces the construction cost, especially the steel truss, is the modern building the indispensable thing.

When we need the truss, we must not ignore the role of its accessories, only two things complement each other, it is possible to build up the truss to make the most of the use, and to ensure the safety of personnel.