The difference between square pipe truss and round pipe truss in use

- Aug 30, 2017-

Many new engineers in the design of truss beam in the use of the time, will be faced with such a problem, do not know whether to use square tube truss or round pipe truss. The difference between these two kinds of trusses is very different in construction and use, so let's talk about it today.

Square Pipe Truss in the construction of the main body, including materials and connecting methods, and round pipe Truss has many similarities, the only difference is that the use of square pipe truss will be all the use of square tube assembly connection, and the use of round pipe truss all the application of circular pipe.

Square tube of the four-sided structure of the square tube truss in the use of the century can be better folding and storage, which also helps the construction staff in the installation and demolition of the convenience of the round pipe truss because in the use of inconvenient disassembly, so the strength of the pipe truss more stable. In more cases, we use both square-tube trusses and round-pipe trusses to supplement each other's advantages and reduce the inconvenience in engineering.