Lifting Ladder Operation method

- Aug 30, 2017-

1, single ladder or ladder and the formation of the ground is about 75 degrees of angle.

2, the extension of the ladder, to maintain the lap part of a certain overlap distance. 8 meters below the ladder should coincide with the distance of 75 centimeters, 8 meters above the ladder of the coincidence distance should be above 110 centimeters.

3, lift the ladder, should hold the hand grip the rope to lift, palms must not be placed on the ladder step, or lift the ladder will have a card hurt the finger.

4, Take-off and landing to the appropriate level of use, in order to ensure that the lifting clamp stuck step, the upper ladder at the bottom of the fixed block to break out, and then fasten the lifting rope, the ladder open to the appropriate width after use, take-off and landing please light down.

5. To lower the ladder, fold the ladder close to the sides, then untie the fixed rope, lift the ladder a little, so that the fixed clamp leaves the step surface and slowly drops. If the fall is not smooth, can hold the rope, hand gently sway the ladder, until the ladder smooth decline.

6, the person word lifts and lifts the platform should be at least 2 people to operate, the Take-off and landing 2 people at the same time pulls the rope, at the same time light rises lightly drops, surpasses 6 meters the ladder should at least add 2 person auxiliary operation, prevents both sides to force uneven ladder center of gravity shift causes the ladder

7, lifting platform lifting or moving when the platform is strictly prohibited people.

8, lifting platform with two activities on both sides of the lifting fixed device, moving them when they are folded, lifting and working, please open them to the appropriate width after locking in order to play a fixed role.