International safety standards for ladders

- Aug 30, 2017-

Safety standards for ladders in the UK:

+ BS 2037--applicable to movable metal ladders (category I and III)

+ BS en131--suitable for movable metal ladders and ladders,

+ Replace BS 2037 (second group) industry standards

+ BS 1129--suitable for removable wood ladder tools

+ eats13/1--suitable for movable fiber ladder tool

Canadian Ladders Safety standards

+ CSA Z11 m81--suitable for movable metal ladder tools

+ Australia, New Zealand Ladders safety standards

+/1892.1-1996--Applicable to movable metal ladders

+ As 1892.2-1992--Suitable for removable wood ladders

+/1892.3-1996--Suitable for removable fibre ladders

+/1892.5-1999--choice, safe use and maintenance of movable ladder tools

Safety standards for ladders in the United States:

+ ANSI A14.-Suitable for wooden ladder tools

+ ANSI A14. $number applicable to movable metal ladders

+ ANSI A14. $number suitable for movable fiber ladder tools

China National standard of Ladder:

+ GB12142:2007--Portable metal ladder Safety requirements