Aluminum Beam

Description: The top and bottom chords and the verticals of Layher aluminium lattice beams are made from48.3mm diameter tube with thicknesses of 4.0mm for the 450 deep beams, and 4.5mm for the 750 deep beams, with oval sections for the diagonals. Beam lengths are generally at 1m increments up to 8m and sections can be joined together with 38mm diameter spigot connectors and 4 x M12 bolts.



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Alloy Unit Beams is a type of aluminium beams made from aluminium scaffold tubes in size of OD48.3x4.0mm for main tube of the alloy beams. 

It is a type of High Strength and Light Duty Scaffold Beams, which is an essential scaffold component, compatible with all types of scaffolding and applications include Bridging, Birdcage, Suspended Platforms, Temporary Roofs, Cantilever Scaffolds.

Alloy Unit Beams is Jointed together with Spigot Connectors to Create Longer Spans, The Spigot Connectors need to be used in Pairs and Secured with High Tensile Spring Pins and Nuts with Bolts.


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