Aluminum Unit Beams

Aluminum Unit Beams

Aluminum Unit Beams have been specifically designed to allow large spans. The beams can be connected using spigots. The design ensures maximum loading can be achieved and it can be combined within any type of scaffolding system.

Product Details

The 780 Aluminium Beam is high strength, low weight and has maximum versatility. The beam range has overall depths of 0.78m and comes in lengths from 2m to 6m.

All member components are manufactured in traditional scaffold tube size and vertical posts are provided each 1m on all beam sizes. It also has consistent node spacing when multiple beams are joined, and node points are spaced to connect a standard scaffold fitting at any point.

The beam can be joined using the Spigot Connector.

3.0m x 780mm BeamDT-ATB780-3016.8kg
4.0m x 780mm BeamDT-ATB780-4022.2kg
5.0m x 780mm BeamDT-ATB780-5027.5kg
6.0m x 780mm BeamDT-ATB780-6032.9kg

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